Money Saving Apps for Students and Everyone Who Lives on Budget

If you are student, your life must be busy and interesting. Traditionally, smartphone means much in student’s life. There are many apps that are definitely helpful in saving your time and money. Luckily for modern students, you shouldn’t use try and cut method. Here is a list of useful finance apps, cashback apps, money saving apps that will help to find the cheapest service, budget restaurant or clothes for sale. Find your favorites and use for everyday life! It was proved that these apps can be very helpful to improve your student life.


Mission: make budget and fixate spending.

Monzo is a kind of hybrid of all helpful budget apps. You can follow your every step to see your expenses day by day. The app is connected to your Mastercard for fixate what and where you spend. Every time you spend money on something, your app sends you notifications. This is the way to control your expenses. The information you get is full. You know how much money is left and how much it is better to spend next time. It is useful, isn’t it?


Mission: collecting debts!

The app you are going to read about is helpful to control your debts. Student life is not easy. You can have enough money to buy something for dinner but you may have no budget left to buy a birthday present for your friend. Your friends can help to give some money for you. Instead you can also you’re your helpful hand by giving money to your friends. Payfriendz is a unique app to solve all conflict situations between friends. It allows your friends to send a request to borrow money. You can give money by one click and receive it back. Of course, to make money transfer easy you have to transfer them first into PayFriendz account to pay out freely.

There is a pleasant bonus. You can receive £10 credit for every three friends you sign up to the service. If you borrow money to your friends regularly it is not a problem for you. The app sends you messages about your budget condition, new requests. It is very convenient to have separate channel to solve money problems.


ATM Hunter

Mission: free cash machine is found

The problem is not new but always hot. It can happen that you are on a new territory, new city district or any part of the country. You need to get cash from the cash machine immediately. How can you do that if you know nothing about the new territory? The ATM hunter uses geolocation function to find the nearest cash machine in your area. You can see all available cash points on your mobile map. You can see also which of these machines are in order and which are not. The app option allows you to make special request about the cash points from your bank only.

Cash Machine


Mission: Getting cashback

There is no way to save money on your shopping. You just spend them for what you need for living. There is a small chance to save some. Think of cashback option. CheckoutSmart helps you to make the list of the goods you need and find the best shop to buy them all for cashback. Just pick the items from your shop list and then submit on the app. You can get cashback credit added straight to your account which is transferable to your bank account or paypal or other payment system you use. Do you think it is complicated? Not at all. The more money you spend now the more you can earn for cash back the next time.

Checkout is really smart and helpful app. It gives you an option that you cannot find anywhere else.



Mission: Budget travel

If you are travelling student, this app can be very helpful. Travelling means not that fact that you are going from country to country. The app can be useful also if you are going to visit your relatives on weekend in your native city. Trainline is something you should try travelling by train. This is the cheapest way to find train tickets and save money for your trip. Booking tickets in advance is always cheaper. The app is easy to use on the go.

Be careful to use this app for Virgin Rail. The point is Virgin Rail has its own app for people who use their services. You can get big sails by using their native app. The rest of railway companies are free to contact to Trainline. It is easy to book, pay and fixate your expenses. What a stylish interface!


Mission: Budget travel

Of course, students like travelling. They often gather together with friends and go somewhere for weekend. Obviously, you may travel by train or bus. Is it comfortable? Travelling in a company, you can do it by car. Car rental app from is comfortably organized for budget travelling although. You can not only book a car beforehand for every country, but compare all available prices, transport demands and characteristics to find something for your budget.

The app helps you to find the most attractive rental proposals for different terms, a day, a week, a month. This is also your chance to catch sales. What is important, you should know about the age limits. Different car rental vendors have different age limitations.  The car rental under 21, 25 services are available with your app. You can also learn about driving documents, insurance, additional fee. What you will like the most: you’ll have an easy access to the lowest car rental rates and a huge variety of rental cars for any needs.

Tyrone Pierce